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the School of choice for North Durban

School Procedures

A Week at a Glance: School begins at 07h40 every day and ends at 14h15 on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays and at 14h00 on Wednesday. The day ends at 13h30 on Fridays except for remediation boys.     We expect you to arrive on time! If you are late for school, we also expect a note of explanation from your parents.

Assembly: Regular assemblies take place on Mondays and Fridays.

Breaks: Grade 8s spend break in the Lower Campus Quad. You may, of course, go to the tuck shop on the Lower Campus.

Drop off and Collection

You must be dropped off or collected either at the Lower Campus entrance, Upper Campus entrance or at the corner of Margaret Maytom Avenue & Burnside Place. DO NOT DRIVE INTO BURNSIDE PLACE.

All gates are locked at 07h40. If you are late you will need to enter via the main gate on Adelaide Tambo Avenue (previously Kensington), where your name will be written down and you will be expected to report to the ‘back office’ for a late slip. Ensure you have a valid excuse which can be verified by your parents if required.

You must wait inside the school property at the Lower Campus entrance until your lift arrives. From 15h30 the Upper Campus main gate is locked and boys must go to the Lower Campus entrance to wait for collection. No boys will be allowed to wait outside the main entrance at Upper Campus after 15h30.

Parents MAY NOT drive into the school property.