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the School of choice for North Durban


Bruyns House

The Northwood boarding establishment provides a warm, friendly home from home environment for up to seventy boys from outside the immediate area who will make a meaningful contribution to the life of the school.  Self-discipline and mutual respect are encouraged at Bruyns House, which prides itself on providing an environment that is conducive to both academic learning and all round achievement.

The small, private boarding facility, that can house ninety-one boarders and five housemasters, is situated on Upper Campus next to the gymnasium and swimming pool.  It is spacious, bright and modern, with panoramic views of sports fields and sea from all rooms.  The establishment is run by a full time housemaster and matron ably assisted by a young, dynamic team of boarder masters.  Catering, cleaning and laundry are outsourced to specialist companies.

The code of conduct has been carefully considered and ensures the smooth running of the ‘B.E.’ and the safety and well being of the boarders.
Bruyns House Boarding Establishment is named after the then Chairman of the Governing Body, Mr John Bruyns, who was instrumental in the design and building of the establishment in 1994.

Admission Requirements To The Boarding Establishment

The learner will be evaluated on:
•    His academic record – a minimum aggregate of at least 50% is necessary;
•    His participation in and level of achievement in sport and / or other extra-curricula activities;
•    A positive disciplinary record; and
•    Motivating reasons for his application to the Boarding Establishment.

Fees & Payment of Fees

The boarding fees for 2012 have been set at R35,750.00 for the year.  On acceptance, these fees are payable, either up front, or via monthly debit order at R3,575.00 per month (January to October). There are no discounts offered on boarding fees for early payments.

Why choose Northwood’s Bruyns House Boarding Establishment?
•    Location, location, location… seaviews from the dormitories
•    For the education, sporting opportunities and incredible facilities on offer you will battle to find better value
•    Its small size allows the boys and masters to get to know each other well and this encourages a real family, home from home experience
•    Northwood and its boarding establishment is uniquely and successfully integrated and it allows friendships to form for life and prepares the boys for real world opportunities
•    The virtues of single-sex education for teenagers cannot be overlooked:

Studies have consistently shown that both boys and girls perform better at tests and are more willing to participate when separated by sex.  They also achieve more, speak up more, and display more confidence

Single-sex education models help dissolve the soap operas seemingly inherent with teenage life. While it won’t eliminate every instant of classroom rambunctiousness, it will reduce their rate of occurrence

•    Encourages more students to participate in sports, join clubs, and pursue other extracurriculars they may have otherwise skipped in favor of cruising the mall etc.
•    is almost perfectly in-sync with that of college dorm life. By having your child attend a boarding school, you are preparing him or her for a university environment. In addition, the emphasis on leadership, trust, and teamwork is sure to provide a foundation on which a successful life can be built
•    allows an opportunity to be oneself and develop the whole person
•    on a weekly basis is convenient for boys who finish sport late and then need to travel home

Sporting opportunities:
•    An intensive rugby initiative has seen the introduction of a dedicated Head of Rugby, an extended training season, high performance squads and scientific coaching and conditioning methods. The opportunity of playing rugby for Northwood is open to talented young players from throughout KZN
•    Northwood is a top SA hockey school
•    The weather in Durban and location to the sea is conducive to water sports – swimming, waterpolo, surfing and body boarding
•    Over 60 years of positive traditions and a rich heritage of old boys who have achieved in all sphers of life encourage a pride in the school
•    The boys have a lot of fun!