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Northwood Cares

Lunch Buddies
Every Wednesday.  Please send an extra sandwich or 2!  Encourage your sons to get involved!

Easter Egg Drive at Kasturba Gandi Primary School

A group of boys and educators had the privilege of visiting Kasturba Gandi Primary School in Gandi Settlement, a mere 15 minutes drive from school. Our hearts were so drawn to the little children that eagerly met us at the gate.  We were all greatly affected by the poverty that neighbours us and shocked at the conditions that these little ones and their educators go about their daily school routine in – yet they do it with big smiles on their faces.

The children were so grateful for the Easter eggs given to them – some of whom have never seen sweets before!  We were humbled by the experience and have promised to visit again.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Northwood Cares Easter egg drive, you made a lot of children very happy!