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Northwood Musical

Over the last 6 years and 6 shows, Director and Producer Russell Scott has put Northwood Musicals on the map as a highlight of the Durban North social calendar. The incredible standard of these shows has grown each year, to the point where Northwood Musicals can compare with most professional productions in KZN.

2013’s “Spotlight” and 2014’s “14” were no different. A professional team of vocal coaches, choreographers, sound & lighting engineers and costume designers stretched, challenged and polished a cast of over 60 singers, actors, dancers and musicians into a fine ensemble capable of more than even the kids thought possible! 14 included the additional backing of a 30 piece orchestra.

Songs from all genre’s and era’s showcased the talent that Northwood and the numerous local girl schools has to offer.

Northwood is incredibly proud to be able to provide a platform for this young talent to shine and will continue to do so in the future!

Russel Scott has recently been featured in the Mail and Guardian as on of 200 young South African’s to watch, as well as being featured in the Durban Witness.  Please click on the link below to view the full article.

Russell Scott Witness