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What You Need To Know

Safety Information


Safety is paramount to the enjoyment of cycling. Awareness and Consideration are key to ensuring an environment that is safe and fun. It is the responsibility of each individual to practice safety in respect of their own actions, as well as their conduct regarding other cyclists, motorists and people on the roads.

As Members of the Northwood Cycling Team you are required to undertake to follow this code. Indemnity forms must be signed and handed in before you will be allowed to join us on a ride.


ROAD WORTHINESS: bicycles and equipment must be maintained. Before joining the team it is essential that your bike be serviced and in proper working order.

HELMET: must be worn on all rides.

MITTS or GLOVES: are important protective gear.

LIGHTS: (both front and rear): must be utilised whenever riding in the dark. Be visible to oncoming cars.

SADDLE BAG: your saddle bag must be on your bike at all times. In the saddle bag you should have, spare tubes, puncture kit and a multi-tool.

PUMP: attach a working hand held pump to your bike.

CELL PHONE: should be carried for safety in the event of a breakdown, crash or becoming lost etc. Please do not answer a cell phone when riding.


BE PREDICTABLE: Ride in a consistent manner – keep a line.

INDICATE: Before making a move.

CALL OUT HAZARDS: The rider in front is responsible for the group following and should indicate all hazards on the road.

KEEP AN EVEN PACE: Do not brake or slow down unexpectedly – be aware that there is a compounding effect in the following pack.

DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES: Look ahead and anticipate.

KEEP ADEQUATE DISTANCE TO AVOID OVERLAPPING: Be defensive to avoid being brought down.

OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD: Conduct one’s self with the same consideration as one would expect from any other road user, particularly motorists. Aggressive gestures and behaviour by cyclists will alienate motorists and is likely to lead to endangering other cyclists.

STOP AT ALL TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND MAJOR INTERSECTIONS: Especially where one’s route crosses over an intersection & there is a group of riders following.

DO NOT HOLD UP FOLLOWING TRAFFIC: Where ever this practical – i.e. single file on single lane roads where motor vehicles are frequently coming past and treat this as a neutral zone. Double file is ok where there is a double lane and preferably a tarred verge.


COACHES: The coaches are in charge at all times, listen to all instructions they give and never leave the pack.