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Meet The Team

Office Hours: 8am-5pm Mondays to Fridays 
Saturdays – consultations will be accommodated for by prior arrangement.

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Dr Michael Wiggett – Chiropractor

Email address:
Cell number: 071 485 5201

Special interests: sport and injuries and treatment and healing of children

Has a Master in Chiropractic specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system (much like a physiotherapist) and the effects of these disorders on general health.
Dr Wiggett has been involved at Northwood School for almost 4 years as a hockey coach with the U16A team, as well as helping to run the hockey medics on match days. He also helps co-ordinate the Varsity College medical team for their hockey and rugby sides.



Dr Colette Kell – Homeopath

Email address:
Cell number: 073 0719 9799

Special interests: reproductive, children’s and mental health.

Recently published a book aimed at combating diabetes in the Indian community, endorsed by Diabetes SA. She offers patients a more holistic treatment option, including Homoeopathics, Phytotherapy and Needling. Dr Kell is a Homeopath with an interest in Endocrinology, practicing in Durban North. She is also a pathology lecturer and Discipline Head of Anotomy at Durban University of Technology, faculty of Health Sciences.
In 2007 she joined LIFE Centre where she developed an interest in natural fertility treatment. In 2008 she was fortunate enough to travel New York City to attend an “East Meets West” in reproductive Medicine Conference at The Berkley Centre for Reproductive Wellness. Over the past 7 years her practice has developed as a general practice, but with particular emphasis on hormonal, children’s and mental health.


Ashleigh White – Physiotherapist

Email address:
Cell number: 071 607 0883

Special Interests – musckuloskeletal, orthopaedic, athletes, runners and triathletes.

Ashleigh White has completed her Human Movement Science degree at Rhodes University, this was followed by her BSc. Honours in Biokinetics at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Ashleigh White was lucky enough to complete her internship there as well. She then spent a year in Durban practicing Biokinetics under the guidance of Jimmy Wright, then returned to the University of Stellenbosch to complete my Physiotherapy degree.
She has worked in hospitals as well as private, multi-discipline practices since then, and has spent time practising in Cape Town and the United Kingdom following that, she has been practicing since in Durban again since 2008. Ashleigh White has also hosted a number of multidiscipline practical running workshops over the past year and hosted an athlete’s information evening.
She runs regularly with Regent Harries and have blogged/ written for them for a few years and compete quite seriously in marathons and ultra-marathons.
Ashleigh White is also a family orientated women, married and has two young boys who keep her busy and young.