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Northwood Rugby Overview

Northwood rugby is currently run by Mr. Jonathan Scruby as well as directed across the age groups by the 1st team and ex Sharks coach, Mr. Grant Bashford. Both started in their positions at the end of 2013.

Over the years Northwood rugby has been an integral part of the school and plays a valuable role in developingNorthwood Squires into Knights. Northwood rugby has a way of bringing the entire Durban-North community together and has been on an upward curve for the last few years. 2014 saw more positive improvements such as the school’s first victory over Hilton College by a convincing margin as well as 3 Natal representatives, of which Ngoni Chidoma became the first SA Schools Springbok player in Northwood’s history since the amalgamation of Northlands and Beachwood in 1990.

Northwood rugby is built on discipline, team spirit, work ethic and most importantly – FUN. Rugby at Northwood also teaches valuable life lessons to our young men: getting up after being knocked down, and putting others before oneself, all whilst having fun and having a sense of belonging and creating the identity each young man needs during the journey from Squire to Knight.

As the years progress Northwood prides itself on keeping their finger on the pulse. One way in doing so is by implementing scientific data into the sport thanks to the help of Mr. Simon Vickers. All age groups are on conditioning plans specific for their age and needs, and dependant on the level they are at. A/1st team squads are monitored during training and matches with tracking devices helping coaches make sure they not only get the most out of players throughout the season but also keeping their bodies safe and never over doing anything.

None of Northwood’s rugby success could be possible without the generous and hugely appreciated sponsorships from Nashua Durban, FLYA sportswear, Enforce security and TIB insurance brokers.

We look forward to Northwood rugby continuing to grow and be the “heart beat” of the Durban-North community.