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the School of choice for North Durban


Northwood has a large number of social surfers that make their way to the beach on a Friday afternoon. However the sport has become increasingly competitive and we have many students that spend a great deal of time in the water and who compete in provincial and national competitions. School surfing falls under SSA and we have a National tournament every year to decide on the best surfing school in SA.

Northwood School has a history of producing some of the top school surfers, we currently have the top junior SA School surfer, Bevan Willis. Bevan ,Keagan Wallace and Wazir Surajlall have already represented KZN at various age-group levels, and are doing well in the KZN District competitions.

Northwood Surfing Team are KZN Champs for 3rd Consecutive Year!

The 2016 KZN Schools Tag-team Surfing Championships was surfed at Dairy Beach in small but contestable surf. It was a fantastic afternoon as parents, coaches and surfers trickled down to the Dairy Beach contest area, greeted by a cool breeze and gently flapping banners from our generous sponsor – O’Neill Clothing – and one to two foot consistent pulses of surf.

Up for grabs was the annual bragging rights of being KZN’s top surfing school and the awesome floating trophy that comes with it. On top of that, Paul Canning from O’Neill was offering big value prizes of a wetsuit for each surfer in the 1st placed team, long-sleeve wetsuit tops for 2nd and short-sleeve wetsuit tops for 3rd.

The first heat got underway with the schools fighting for a place in the finals. With some fine surfing Ashton comfortably placed themselves into the finals to join Clifton, Westville Boys, Northwood Boys and Crawford North Coast. The heat was on.

Matt Sills opened up with a bang and posted a huge scoring ride placing them in the drivers seat within the first 5 mins of the 50 min heat. Bevan Willis, not to be out done, followed up with a nine point ride. Clifton and Westville Boys tried to responded, also posting some strong scores. However after exchanges from the two rounds of surfers Northwood was in a strong position. The rest of the team surfed with precision and managed their time wisely securing an easy victory.

Northwood Boys took home the title and bragging rights for their third year in a row as undefeated champions amongst the KZN schools!

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to all the parents who endlessly support the surfers with their time and finances and to O’Neill clothing for supporting surfing at the grassroots level where we stoke the fire for young surfers to keep their boards on the rail and charging hard.

Mrs Aliphon, MIC of Surfing